I usually travel with a large number of horses, between 10 and 16. This winter we had our usual herd with us in Florida. All the horses are jumping horses and can have very strenuous days. Between traveling, training and showing, we like to poultice from time to time to keep the horse comfortable and in their best condition. We need a product that can travel well and be easy to store and use. We normally cut up our feed sacks for the paper to poultice with. The Spitfire's poultice paper is so much easier to work with. It comes in handy rolls and fits in the trunks. The grooms that care for our horses cut just the amount that they need. Then the roll can be put back in the trunks to use the next time. 

- Beezie Madden, Show Jumper
Olympic Silver Medalist

Ever since I've started using Spitfires Poultice Paper, I can't do without it!  No more time spent looking for and cutting up old feed bags!  It makes poulticing so much easier!  Not only does it save time, but it is the perfect length and thickness for a great wrap job!  It is definitely a must have for every barn.

- Andrea Misuraca, Trainer
Harbor Ridge, Centerport, NY

Have you ever seen a new product come on the market and say "now why didn't I think of that?!!" Well Spitfire's Poultice Paper is such a product. "What a great idea" says everyone who sees it.  It is convenient to use and  just the right size and texture to hold up under a very messy job.  I know customers run around at the barn looking for paper, either a feed bag or something similar.  For a professional who poultices their clients' horses after every jump lesson and show, poulticing can be very time consuming.  Spitfire's Poultice paper makes the job much easier. Spitfire's Poultice Paper sells well in our shop.

- Marge and Ed Wrigley
The Riding Shop, Syosset, NY

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